Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Close up bug action

Troy found this cute moth. Look at those bunny ears. They look like leaves.
Isn't God amazing to make animals perfectly suited to their environment?

But every once in a while we see a bug that has no purpose as far as we can tell.

This little beetle (ok, not so little) lives in our house. 

It doesn't seem to do anything at all. 

It just wanders round and round our living room, office and bedroom. 

We'll be watching TV and there it is crossing the living room.

Later it is near the front door still aimlessly meandering.

When I get out of bed at night it is there in my office or bedroom.

Surprisingly, with my bug/animal/creepy crawly phobia this one doesn't bother me.

It never seems to reach a destination--always just walking and wandering.

I call this bug the Dude, Where's My Car Bug.


  1. I personally would freak out but my boys would love the funky moth.

  2. Uh, Amy? Do you think you may have been in Africa too long when you treat cockroaches like pets? All those Red Neck jokes are swimming through my head...

  3. This post made me smile. I have a sister who is fascinated with bugs, so I've had to get over my phobias. Mostly b/c she was always throwing them on me. :)

  4. I like the moth. Not totally sure I love the bug, but hey live and let live.

  5. Love the moth. Love Dude. He is um, cute? Hee hee.


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