Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mr and Mrs MacGyver

Tom and I are on the road again. Yes, AGAIN. I don't know when we've ever traveled this much.

We were invited to the U.S embassy in Lusaka because Tom serves as a Warden for our area. He helps to make sure Americans living or traveling near us have access to the information they need to stay safe. We'll be meeting with the U.S Ambassador to Zambia and networking with other Americans.

On the way down on the bus we sat directly under a speaker which was blaring Zambian pop music. It was LOUD. I joked with Tom about taking out my pocket knife and disabling the speaker. He told me I'd have to make sure to get the exact center or it'd do no good. 
Also, people were watching, so there was that.

Next I thought about finding a magnet of some sort and trying to short the speaker out, but Tom didn't think that would work either.

As a last resort I asked Tom if taping a piece of paper over the speaker would work. He grinned at me and said it would if I had tape. I didn't have tape, but I DID have band-aids!
I reached into my bag of tricks, dug out 4 band-aids and tore a piece of paper from my Bible study journal. And, VOILA!

It was amazing what a difference it made! We could hardly hear the music at all. Of course it was still blaring throughout the bus, but not overhead.

A bit later in the trip we came to a bathroom break and would have to both get out of the bus leaving a suitcase behind. It was locked closed, but that wouldn't stop someone from just picking the entire thing up and walking off with it.

Tom had a solution for that:

Handcuffs! Which he just happened to have in his bag. A quick clip to the handrail and through the suitcase handle and we were on our way.

Innovation is the name of the game!

I just wish the tape and paper solution would have worked on the drunk who sat behind us talking and babbling at full volume all night long.......

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