Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Which stands for ZAmbia Wins Again

Monday started out with such promise. I had sat up late the night before laying out my to-do list for the week. I still use Remember the Milk, and I was happy to see all my tasks outlined in an orderly fashion.

I got up early and, remembering the sermon we listened to on Sunday afternoon about idols, I set aside time to do my devotions first. It was a good lesson, and then I got right to work.

The only fly in the ointment was my headache. I mentioned it to Tom and he suggested that I go back to bed. Not wanting to abandon such a promising day I stuck it out at my desk.

Before long I was crossing things off my list at a rapid pace. I felt good about it!

However, my head still ached terribly and I began to feel so cold. We only have one airconditioning unit at the orphanage. It is a window unit for the office to keep our computers and printer more free of dust and heat. It does make for a chilly environment for those of us with thinned out Africanized blood.

By 10:30 I couldn't take the cold anymore and crawled into bed. My body was shaking with chills. 

Tom took one look at me and declared it to be malaria

Bye bye productivity!

Hello 3 days of bed and about a week of weakness. 

So much for heightened productivity. I'm trusting that God still has a plan in all this, and I'm trying not to fret. 
And, on this third day of illness (I'm still dizzy if I sit up) I'm getting done what work I can. Thank goodness for laptops. So far I've submitted W2s to the Social Security Administration, and researched companies for Tom, and written this. 
I might do a bit of bookkeeping work too, if my brain cooperates.

And I'm rethinking the whole planning bit. It feels a bit too much like tempting fate.....

What do you think?

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  1. I just read your 'exactly two years ago' 'Snake bites can be good for us' post, with its 'all things work together for good' message, and it certainly applies. You even mentioned just getting over malaria.
    I use Evernote for my projects and most of my to-do list and information, research files (dump?), and paper for my agenda and some of my to-do list.
    I mention this, because I also use the Pomodoro Technique when working to keep focused. Recently I started using it for everything, which seemed great, until I realized that my stress level had been creeping up unnoticed, giving me sore muscles, disrupted sleep (intense dreams!), and muddled thinking. I think this also lowers my immune system as well- can't be sure, but I had an uncharacteristic reaction to spring pollen recently - and I just haven't felt well.
    Sorry for so much information, but you asked, and I think productivity will be self-defeating if it doesn't have built-in off-really off - time. And I don't mean sick in bed off time!

  2. AmysAdventuresMarch 03, 2015

    These are really good points. I've tried to do better in recent months in working hard and then completely shutting off. I have a blog post about this rattling around in my head. One of these days, when I can fit it in a work day, I'll get it written.


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