Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Keeper, Sleeper, Weeper

I love to cook! This is no surprise to anyone who knows me IRL.

My favorite food to cook and eat is Indian. 

But I love, love, love reading up on new recipes and trying them out. I subscribe to a few food blogs and tag and bookmark good recipes whenever I come across them. Later on when I have time I try them out.

My family members have always been good sports about trying new foods. To help decide whether a recipe is added to the regular lineup or if it is best forgotten I came up with a simple system:

Keeper: Everyone loves the recipe and would love for me to make it often.

Sleeper: Not a favorite, but we could have it again one distant day.

Weeper: Never, ever, ever again!

Here are a few of the recipes I've tried recently along with our family's rating.

 I have heard about this recipe for years and was inspired to try it after reading about it on Deb's site: Smitten Kitchen. Nearly every recipe posted by this blogger is bookmarked by me and later tried if I have the ingredients.
Everyone enjoyed this very much and shouted out that it was a Keeper. Only Jasmine felt it should have the Sleeper rating because it was pretty time consuming to make--not hard but with the different times of rising and waiting it took a total of 3 hours.

I liked the look of this recipe because as I mentioned above I love Indian food and I make a really scrumptious chai tea that everyone loves. 
Unfortunately, this recipe did not make everyone smile. I may tweak this later and try it without the coriander and turmeric. The yellow color threw everyone off a bit. This sadly was declared a Weeper.

This recipe was exciting for me because while I love Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Buns they are involving to make and messy too--totally worth it!--but still a big job for a Sunday morning. 
When I came across this recipe that does not require the yeast dough to rise first, I was so happy. In just over an hour I had a bread type cake that tasted quite close to Cinnamon Rolls. 
The family loved it as well declaring this recipe a Keeper.

I thought this recipe sounded delightful. A baked apple pancake with a custard middle and lots of cinnamon on top. Delish! The only problem is that my kids are not fans of baked egg custards or quiches and such. I knew this going in and still went ahead. I'm a big believer in presenting foods of all kinds and letting the chips fall where they may.
If you like egg dishes definitely try this. It was easy to put together for Sunday breakfast
We won't be having it again because it got the dreaded Weeper rating.

The thing I liked most about this recipe was how easy it was. It was all mashed and mixed in one bowl. I doubled this and baked it in a 6" x 13" loaf tin and it was perfect for breakfast. 
I added about half a cup of chopped dates to make it more interesting which prompted my son to issue it a Sleeper rating. Everyone else loved it and rated it a Keeper!

Don't go by our ratings though. Look at these links and let me know if you try any of them. Have  you found any new recipes lately?


  1. Hi Amy!
    Love your rating system! I have been posting some recipes on my blog lately, (Food Friday) so I recommend the Mexican Lasagna, it's soooo good, and Wild Chicken always gets raves and recipe requests. Haven't decided what recipe I'm going to post tomorrow, so I guess you'll just have to come by and see:-) Thanks for the recipes and ratings!
    Wendy @ Faith's Firm Foundation

  2. Great way to rate the food!
    I love Indian food myself, but can't cook to savemy life!

  3. This is so cute! The monkey bread looks awesome- I have a similar recipe that uses frozen yeast rolls from the grocery- You let them thaw and rise for three hours prior to baking- That might make that monkey bread recipe a snap, and I swear, the yeast rolls with the glaze drizzled over them make the cake taste like something from a gourmet bakery.


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