Saturday, March 14, 2015

Disaster Strikes!

It was a normal Saturday afternoon. Power was out for routine maintenance so all was quiet. Around 3 PM a thunderstorm blew in. We unplugged electronics and listened to the wind and rain pick up. Next thing we knew the rain was coming down in torrents and the wind was blowing fiercely! 

 The kitchen lady ran up to tell us that the roof from part of the kitchen building was gone. We didn't know if she meant part of the thatched grass covering, or a few of the tin sheets. We ran out into the rain and saw that the bathroom building had collapsed. Going on into the dining/kitchen building we found that the entire roof from the back half of the building was ripped off completely! Rain was pouring into our pantry, storage room, and laundry area. 

Quick thinking on the part of the kitchen lady saved much of our food, but also caused her to become injured by a falling brick. Thanks to God's protection she was not badly hurt. We took her to the clinic, but being that it is Saturday no doctors or nurses would see her. We sent her home with ibuprofen. 

The next thing we noticed was that the entire roof for our brand new classroom was completely gone! Huge beams and everything! All tossed across the road.

As many as could scrambled to rescue the school books and materials from the still pouring rain. We have no idea how much can be saved. There is definitely hundreds of dollars of loss just in that alone.

Once the storm blew over, which was surprisingly quick, we began the big job of clean up.

 One huge miracle is that all the kids were gathered in the dining room for snack time. They had just been in the bathroom area washing hands. If the storm had hit just five minutes earlier.....we don't even want to think about it. Look above at that bathroom! God's protection indeed!

We are going to have to completely renovate the bathroom area--six toilets, three sinks and two showers.

Everyone (including some neighbors) pitched in to help collect all the roofing sheets and beams from around the area. We also had to mop up water and wipe everything down, and move the food from the pantry to the kitchen in case rain comes again before we have a chance to replace the roof.

We have no idea how much damage we've incurred or what it's going to cost to replace everything. If you, or anyone you know, can help us to recover from this disaster please donate at this linkDonate Here

Or, you can donate via Paypal (

Please pray for us as we recover from this disaster and figure how how to best move forward from here.


  1. Sonia CollinsMarch 16, 2015

    What a sweet story. Hope you are able to recover from the microburst damage.

  2. Sonia CollinsMarch 16, 2015

    Hope everyone will pitch in to help the Morrows. We visited there and saw how all the resources were directed to the health, welfare and education of the kids. Well, almost. Amy was overjoyed to get herself a pair of shoes from Payless.

  3. AmysAdventuresMarch 16, 2015

    Gotta love a good pair of Payless shoes!


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