Thursday, September 27, 2012

We Love Babies of All Shapes and Sizes

round button chicken

As I said in yesterday's post, we deeply care for all babies no matter the type. The other day Tom came into the office and said there was a problem with two of the babies. I had to ask him to clarify: human or animal--like a funny game of 20 Questions. It was animal this time. Two of the baby goats had disappeared during in the night. We didn't know if they'd been left behind after the day's time of grazing up our hill, or been stolen, or what? Turns out, since they are so tiny, they had wandered into the storm drain.


One of our mother goats gave birth to triplets. Right away Tom noticed that the smallest kid had been rejected by its mother. We waited a day or two to see what would happen, but finally we decided to help nature out a bit.


We've been bringing Billie (Tom wanted to name her Billy, but she's a girl) into the house to get her bottle 4 times a day. The first day we did this, after Tom fed her, she began to wobble around the living room. She is very curious and wants to climb on every elevated surface she can find. In fact, one morning I was trying to do my Wii Fit workout but Billie kept climbing up on the little Wii Fit platform, which completely messed up my stats. Silly goat had to be shut up in the office with Tom for a while. 

Anyway, the first day she came in we lost track of her after a bit. We couldn't find her anywhere. Then we noticed something out of place under one of the chairs.

Hello there, little bitty, baby goat! Now when she disappears we know just where to look.


This picture makes me so happy because this is exactly what we want for the children growing up in our care--the chance to look after animals on a farm and thereby learn compassion and responsibility. Johnny looked after Billie one afternoon and kept her fed and happy.

Billie is doing so well now and is getting stronger every day. Whenever Tom goes out to the goat yard carrying the bottle of milk, Billie comes running up to him bleating and crying. She knows just who her 'mother' is.

I'm happy to be linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter again. It's been too long!

By the way, don't forget to check out yesterday's post. The contest is still on!


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