Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Favorite Color

Just over a year ago I bought my first smart phone. We had been without internet access for over three weeks and this was hindering our ability to do our job. 
Blackberry apparently was the fastest to the Zambian table because they are the only ones that offer an affordable unlimited internet service--so, Blackberry it was. 

It cost way more than I would ever have imagined paying for a phone--and certainly way more than I would have been willing to pay if it hadn't been a necessity so we didn't lose contact with the outside world again.

Anyway, all that to say when I bought it I was terrified I would drop and break it. As soon as I possibly could I bought a rubbery case from a street vendor. It was a bright purple which meant I would be less likely to lose it in the depths of my purse.

Earlier this year I found myself in Target shopping for a couple things I needed. Something you should know about me is that I am not a relaxed shopper. I'm a get in (with an organized list) and get out shopper. More than 30 minutes in a store and I get itchy. 

So, this particular day I needed to buy two things: a Kindle cover and a camera. For some reason my Blackberry's camera had stopped working and I just needed a simple, inexpensive point-and-shoot for taking with me on my U.S travels.

I took my Kindle out of my bag and tested cases until I found the first one that fit. Into my basket it went. 

Next I walked over to the camera counter, looked for cameras in the $50 range, took the first one I saw, and headed for the checkout stand. Job done!

As I sat in a Starbucks drinking an Americano (.....................Oh, Sorry! I got lost in a daydream for a minute thinking of coffee), I unpacked my purchases. 

And for the first time noticed I had ended up with purple in both cases!

I guess my sub-conscious wanted more of my favorite color. 

 It may have been an unconscious choice, but then I decided to make it a game. I could finish out my set by getting a purple wallet! My dark blue one had been nice but it was getting ragged. I decided to keep my eyes open. 

A few weeks later while Tom and I were on vacation in New Mexico we spent a couple very wonderful days poking away in antique and resale shops. Well, truth be told the days were wonderful, but I spent most of my time on benches outside said shops. Tom, however, was absolutely beside himself with pleasure. But, I digress.

In one of the thrift shops Tom found something he wanted and asked me to go bargain with the owner. The problem was, I didn't feel we were in a good bargaining position with just the one item. I cast my eyes around the shop quickly. There! Just near the door, was a purple wallet. What are the odds?

This is more purple than pink in real life

I love having purple accessories. It's like a party in my purse!

 Do you have a specific color you like to accessorize with?

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