Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Best Ending to a Difficult Day

Funny how quickly a day can change. My Monday started out with a breathtaking view, but by 5:30 I was ready to curl up on my bed and suck my thumb.

The day started out alright. We were winding up a weekend where we had some visitors stay with us, and we all enjoyed some fellowship and downtime. 

Tom and I had some community business to take care of yesterday, but first we tackled a hike through the bush to this spot:

This is the site of our future home. This will be the view from our living room window. Can you imagine??

After this inspiring start, we attended two separate meetings that didn't go nearly as well as we had hoped. Since our expectations hadn't been overly optimistic to begin with, this was a difficult thing to swallow. Both Tom and I were disappointed that we hadn't been able to communicate well enough to bring the effects we'd wanted.

Because the meetings ran long and we hadn't anticipated this, we didn't get any lunch. Working out in the bush meant we couldn't just pop into a MickyD's, and while this might be the best for our overall health, it also meant that our blood sugar was in the basement by 5:30 when we finally pulled into our driveway.

My disappointment in not having had things work out as I'd hoped and really feeling out of control, combined with my intense (& I mean INTENSE) hunger, left me feeling weepy and shaky.

I wanted nothing more than to collapse on the couch, kick my shoes off, and watch mindless TV. However, I knew better than to do that. What really gets my head back in the game, what allows me to control my environment, and what gives me a sense of accomplishment (aside from spending time with God) is cooking.

Hardly aware of what I was doing, I pulled my knife off the magnetic strip, grabbed an onion, a bell pepper, some carrots and  mushrooms. I chopped some chicken breasts that had cooked for a few hours in the sun oven, and boiled water for pasta. Then I whisked together a quick asian sauce. (Course I did all this while munching on a chocolate chip muffin, because I was STARVING!) In thirty minutes I had dinner on the table and my world was back on its axis.

chicken yakisoba

This is not my dinner, but it looked a lot like this. I found this picture on Pinterest at this location. 

What do you do to make a bad day all better?

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