Monday, August 13, 2012

Denny's Growing Up

Ever since Denny came to stay with us over a year ago, he has grown so much. It hasn't been an easy road, but we have had some wonderful victories also.

I've been a bit concerned about Denny's development for a while. His physical development is still a bit delayed, but I've been more concerned with his mental and emotional development. 

Denny quickly figured out that Peter is the one to copy since 'he's got it figured out'. Peter has incredible self-confidence and moves around the orphanage like he owns the place. He's also so darn cute that he gets a fair amount of attention.
Having seen this, Denny began copying Peter's every move. One day Peter walked up to me, giggled, performed a prat fall and then giggled again. Denny immediately did the exact same thing down to the tone of the giggle. 

He never came up to me on his own, but if Peter came up and told me he loved me, Denny would do the exact same thing. 

I worried that he wasn't developing his own thoughts and processes. Mimicking can be a sign of a developmental disability.

I quizzed the volunteers as they worked with him, asking if he communicated at all, and they reassured me that he did--though not as much as the others--but I had yet to see it for myself.

Then, one night, a few days after holding a birthday party for four of the children, I walked down to the nursery to check on the kids as they prepared for bed. 

Denny saw me from across the room and called out, "Mommy, I want a Happy Birthday!". I nearly did a happy dance right then and there. He not only formed a complete sentence on his own, but he acknowledged a want and a wish and then communicated it to me! Picture me grinning widely as I type this. 

Every child that comes to stay with us brings their own set of emotional, mental and physical needs. Please continue to pray for us as we meet those needs to the best of our ability!

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