Friday, August 10, 2012

Fab Friday Foto XXXIV

Design Fail

Remember earlier this week and my quick trip to a hotel bathroom while we waited in line for the ATM? And, further remember how I said I would have something to share with you about that??

OK, well......

here goes.....

  The door cannot open any further than that. To get into the bathroom you have to scootch and wedge yourself into the space between the wall and the toilet and then close the door. When done with whatever took you there, repeat the process in reverse.

  As nasty as it is, it never fails to give Tom and I a chuckle.

Now, pop over to Troy's blog to see what wild, African animal is living with us now.

Exactly Two Years Ago: Still Here  (AKA the time I wished I had the Jaws theme on my iPod)



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