Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Day Through the Eyes of Twitter

Last Thursday we set out for our twice monthly trip to Mansa for shopping.

Since I'd just reset my password on Twitter and could therefore access it again, I decided to bring you all on the journey.

Many of the potholes were filled in, in preparation for Mutomboko, but it was only done with dirt--so a temporary solution at best. And still a fairly bumpy ride.

9:58 AM

10:20 AM

10:32 AM
 I have a funny picture to show you later from this bathroom.....

10:35 AM

12:35 PM

After finally getting all the money we needed from the ATM, we ran around in a taxi doing errands and then getting a room for the night. Our favorite hotel was full so we settled on the next best. This took time because it's not a matter of just asking for a key and room number. I think I'll do a post on this next week.

In the process of getting the room and settling our things in before heading out again for more errands, I left my phone in the room. 

After a late lunch (read: I was nearly fainting from hunger), we headed back to the room for a rest.

3:53 PM

5:58 PM
7:00 PM
 Between the dust and the smoke, I'm surprised anyone can breathe at all.

After our meeting and the pharmacy visit, we had dinner with a missionary friend who is also building an orphanage. He is a young man from Kentucky and had 2 young, American friends visiting him. There are also two young, Zambian men staying with him as well. It made for a very fun, bachelor pad.
Dinner was uneventful unless we mention the chicken that was not quite done in the middle and had to be whisked back to the kitchen. We all had a good laugh about it and it was a fun evening.
It also made for a very late evening and Tom and I fairly fell into our beds that night.

7:30 AM

8:40 AM

9:50 AM

11:15 AM

12:00 PM

12:25 PM

The line did move pretty quickly, but the 'universe' got me in another way:

Funny story here: just now as I was going over my tweets for this blog post, I saw that U.S Bank had replied to my tweet wondering if there was anything they could do to help. LOL! I meant my American bank (name withheld to protect the [not so] innocent). Good to know U.S Bank has such kind service--even if it took them three days to reply.

2:30 PM

4:30 PM

5:30 PM

6:30 PM

 And that was it! Of course there was still the monumental task of unloading everything and eventually getting it all put away.....

What did you find most interesting about our shopping adventure?


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