Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sundays--The Three Stooges Edition

Yesterday I was still down for the count. So I stayed in bed almost completely still. One of the problems with malaria is you feel a bit better during the day and so you get up and move around and then relapse so recovery takes longer. 

Anyway, that little tidbit of information is my way of stating that I had nothing to do with what went down yesterday.....

Every day our kids have a 30-45 minute video viewing time right after their afternoon nap and snack. Yesterday, Tom was excited to share one of his favorites with them--The Three Stooges.

It was met with decidedly mixed reviews.

The nannies enjoyed the fishing episode because Kazembe is very much a fishing area.

Jennifer, however, started weeping the moment the video began playing. She eventually had to be taken from the room.

Chola sat with his eyes covered the entire time. He really didn't want to watch it.

In the middle of the video, the electricity went off, but came back on after just a few minutes. Tom cheered, "hooray, now we can watch the video again"!

Chola was not happy and did not want it turned back on again.

Johnny was really impressed by the cannibals who had bones in their noses and wanted to eat Larry, Curly and Moe. He talked abut them all afternoon and wanted to know if they were the 'bad guys'.

I think it's safe to say that The Three Stooges will not be in the regular selection of afternoon videos.

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Please continue to pray for my full recovery. I'm moving around a bit more today but it still leaves me breathless and in a cold sweat. I have to force myself to rest completely today so that I can try to get work done tomorrow. Tomorrow morning will mean 9 working days only before we leave for the U.S.

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  1. I have the same reaction to the Stooges.

    I'll keep you in my thoughts. Hope your recovery is quick and easy.

  2. That is really funny about the Three Stooges reaction! I have to tell my family about that one! So sorry to here you have Malari.. yuck! My niece had it last year in Kampala.. poor baby. My blessings to your health!

  3. I hope you recover quickly. Take care and travel safely.

  4. I hope your recovery is quick. And I don't like the 3 Stooges either!

  5. I'm a huge Stooge fan, but I can see that it is upsetting to others. Maybe something lighter, like Apple Dumpling Gang, would go over better?

  6. Praying for your total and complete healing today. Blessings.

  7. Oh Amy, Sorry your down for the count. Please take it easy and rest, rest, rest. I'm sending healing vibes your way.

    As for the Three Stooges-- We watched them as kids but not as an adult I'm not sure I'd want kids watching them either.

    Take care my friend, xo jj

  8. I'm with Jennifer and Chola, not a big fan of the Three Stooges and their shenanigans.

    Please take care of yourself and get in tip top health ASAP.

  9. I never liked The Stooges as a kid either. It was so offensive. It didn't show respect to others.

    I know that you've taught the children not to hit others and to be kind to one another, so it goes totally against their upbringing.

    Also, it's so shallow....

    Good for the kids!! (sorry, Tom, no offence. You're just a guy, so how would you know it would be like that?)

  10. I can't say that I blame the kids for not being into the 3 Stooges, lol!


  11. Can't say I am a big fan of the Stooges, but I definitely think more boys/men like them.
    Hope you feel much much better soon!

  12. I would want to be taken from the room too. Hope recovery is quick.


  13. Oh, dear... At least the Stooges made an impact. :)

    Rest! Recover! Get better soooon!

  14. What an odd reaction. Makes you wonder....

    Praying for your health, friend!!

  15. I never did get the comedy of The Three Stooges. Maybe Blue's Clues next time?


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