Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's a New Year!!

I can't believe it's already the fourth and I've posted only once. 

On the bright side, I did add a slide show to my blog. It's right over there-------> (hint: you have to actually click over to the blog to see it.)

I've also added Kazembe Orphanage tweets to the top of the blog and moved my personal tweets to the right hand side bar. 

Just a little spring-- winter? summer?  guess it depends on where you are-- cleaning.

A head's up. I won't be around as often as I'd like because I'm preparing for that oh, so exciting, trip to the States at the end of this month and of course all the year end admin work has to be done first, as well as preparing everything to be left with friends who will be looking after things here while we're gone. Pray for me, please!

Summer hanging out with the kids to watch the fireworks.
Tomorrow I'll try to share my resolutions or goals for the year. One should definitely be to pace myself and not procrastinate so much. Hmmmm. See you then. 

In the meantime, please tell me what you did for New Year's Eve. Did you party hearty, or sit at home and reflect or something in between?


  1. We had a little family party at home with various goodies and watched a couple of movies. Only 4 of us made it to midnight--including the 10-year-old! Hope all goes well with your preparations.

  2. We partied hearty with my family! 16 adults and 10 kids... and all of us made it to midnight (more or less). Great family, great food, great fun!

  3. My boys were out with friends so I spent the night watching NCIS DVD's with my husband in bed. I think I was asleep by 10:30, lol.

    Hugs & love,

  4. Fun fireworks! For New Years the kids and I watched a movie then off to bed just a little past bedtime. My husband and I had a glass of champagne and sat on the couch and had a nice long talk about nothing in particular then went to bed at 11. With a toddler there's no chance to sleep in so there won't be any staying up til midnight for a few more years yet!

  5. The roads were icy and the wind chill was -25, so it was a homebound New Year's Eve for us!

  6. Love the fireworks. We stayed home, had Maine lobster and stuffed clams and ribs and then laid around rubbing our bellies... good times.


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