Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still working....

As we continue to pack and prepare for our three week trip I'm reminded how we  all prioritize differently what is important to pack. The other day, my good bloggy friend from A Musing Mom
wrote about her husband's brilliant idea to give their kids a discarded piece of equipment. I wrote a small story in her comments:

Funny story: One of the activities that Tom and I did in our newlywed year was dismantle electronic equipment like VCRs. I have no idea why! Tom collected all the transistors and diodes (I hate that I know the names) and separated them into little bags. Screws of all sizes--all separated into bags. Then, we left Mexico suddenly with no money and very few possessions. The one thing we did have--an entire suitcase of those little bags. It was years before Tom finally threw them out or sold them for a quarter or something.

Malaria update: I managed a full day at my desk yesterday! Hooray and Hallelujah! Of course by the end of the day I felt sick again but a good night of sleep revived me completely. Today we had no electricity until 2 PM (it went off at 9 PM yesterday) so I mainly did organizing and packing but now I'm back to work at my desk.

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