Monday, July 5, 2010

Where in the World is Amy?

It  has been a long time since I wrote. I apologize. As always my intentions have been excellent but the reality of life haven't matched up with my expectations.
Quick recap of the last several days and I'll tell you where I've been and where I am.

 Thursday: I left the orphanage to escort two of our volunteers to the airport in Lusaka. Boy, do I have stories to tell about that bus ride!

Friday: The girls and I ran errands and shopped. We were operating on about 2 hours of sleep so it was a fun day. 

Saturday: I dropped the girls off at the check-in at the airport at 6:30 and immediately walked to the arrivals gate to collect my friend, Debbie. For the rest of the day Debbie tagged along--fighting off jet-lag all the way--as I shopped and ran more errands.

Sunday: We went to the local market for gifts and met up with friends for lunch. I can never get over how much Lusaka changes all the time. It is such a contrast to the village.
  In the afternoon we attended a Bible study with other missionaries, had dinner and then late at night had another adventure involving a Chinese restaurant, a warehouse building, and an absent taxi driver.

Monday (today!): We got off very early on a bus to Livingstone--home to Victoria Falls. We rushed from the bus to our hotel to a shuttle to a speed boat to a sunset cruise. I don't want to give away too much since I'll be showing pictures later but we saw animals and they were huge and gray. Whoo Hoo!

Can't wait to fill in the details on my latest adventures. I'm here in Livingstone for 2 more days and then it is rush rush rush in Lusaka to get everything done and loaded on the bus for the trip north.


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