Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Their Party!

As promised yesterday, here are the pictures from Queenie and Theresa's birthday party. They both turned or are about to turn 4 years old.

Henry--2 years old
We started off the party with some fun balloon play. 

Elias--3 years old
Then the kids moved to the floor for cake and singing "Happy Birthday"

They did really well. I thought there would be jealousy about two out of fourteen kids being honored alone but there were no problems and the kids were just excited to be having a party. Even little baby Lizzie joined in. This was the first time I'd seen her sitting up by herself.

The Birthday Girls! Theresa (left) and Queenie (right)

Blowing out the candles was a new experience and took several tries.
It didn't help that Tom had picked out the kind that re-lit themselves over and over.

Moriah--20 months
Mmmm! Yummy cake!*

After cake we moved the party outside for playtime to help burn off the sugar high.
Silly string time!

Johnny (left)--3 years & Chola (right)--4 years
The kids tried their hands (and feet) at Twister but I think they need to grow a bit still.

After Twister they played Limbo (no pictures, sorry) and even the nannies joined in. 
It was a really fun afternoon and sure (definitely!) to be just the first of many.

*We do have tables and chairs for the kids but the dining room was being used that afternoon.


  1. Who doesn't love a birthday party? They didn't know what they were missing... ;) They look like they're having a great time.

  2. I've been following your blogs since my friend, Summer, has been staying there. Love to be able to follow what's happening there this way! Love the party & the pics. You read my mind when you answered why yall were eating on the floor. Will stay in touch! Angie (41), interested in doing missions & have social work background.

  3. Happy Birthday. Everyone should feel special about their birthdays.


  4. Adorable! You all make their lives such a joy!


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