Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sundays in My City--Playtime

Before looking over these happy photos, please take a moment to pray for our newest baby. Raphael came to us on Wednesday and is struggling. I will be sharing more of his story tomorrow. Thank you!

 How are we gonna get this thing up in the air?

I love how Troy is unconsciously standing exactly like his dad.

 And it's up!

 Let's go fly a kite!

 We just got a new trampoline.

They were so happy!

Look at the joy on their faces.

Don't let their sober faces deceive you. 
They love this swing.
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Unknown Mami


  1. These are wonderful. A trampoline is a universal joy, isn't it? :) Will pray for your new baby...

  2. I'd like to play with you!
    All the best for your new baby...


  3. I prayed for the baby Amy. And I prayed for all the children. Those smiles (and even the somber faces) are precious. I love that Jesus loves them! Every face. : ) We are blessed.

  4. A prayer for Baby Raphael!! Please do keep us posted on how he is doing!!!

  5. AnonymousJuly 11, 2010

    I followed you on Twitter and retweeted your message. I hope everything works out for baby Raphael!

  6. What a fantastic blog!!! You are living my dream... some day I hope to help out there :) Great photos!

  7. Great job. I am happy that you amd your family bring a smile on the kids face. Thanks for doing that.

    Nice photos :)!

  8. There is something about kids playing that makes you happy. I hope your new little guy is OK.


  9. Now I know why Tom has an orphanage.... it's so he has an excuse to keep playing!! Ha!

    Love the pictures.

    Praying for the best for the new little one.

  10. I could feel the joy from the trampoline.

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  12. @Anonymous

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