Friday, July 16, 2010

Geek Mothering Fail

This week we celebrated Timmy's 17th birthday. One year before 18!! How did this happen??

Anyway, Timmy decided he wanted to have a Green Lantern cake. I told Jasmine that I would look it up on Google so I knew what the face looked like. She gave me a funny look and said that, no, it was a symbol. Oh. This should have been my first clue....

Once I found out it was a symbol I thought I'd have an easy time of it. Simply a circle cake with 2 rectangles on either side. Done!

We settled on carrot cake made from scratch. Homemade cream cheese became delicious icing. Way to go, Mom!

What was that you said? Pride comes before a fall? Well, you might have said something earlier!

The cake was assembled. Strawberry yogurt served as a moistening and delicious filler between layers. I got out a kite that showed the Green Lantern image and copied it exactly. Just as I finished trimming things so it looked perfect Jasmine walked in. 

Jasmine: Why are the side rectangles tapered?

Me: Because that's what the Green Lantern symbol looks like. (Duh!)

J: No! That's the Justice League Green Lantern.

M: Oh.

J: Just stick the pieces you cut off back on and we'll cover it with icing.

M: Umm, I already ate them....

So, we moved forward. Can't cry over eaten cake now can we?

The icing was gorgeous. Beautiful, creamy white loveliness. But that wouldn't do for a Green Lantern cake. So out came the colors. After the first addition of green it looked perfect for a baby shower cake. Nope. More green. Now it looked summery. Still not good enough. I had an idea. Add some black. We did just a drop and sure enough it looked much better. Let's add a bit more. Oops! Now it looked like green-purple mold. Not quite the color we were looking for. 

The more we worked on it the worse it looked. I felt like we were in the middle of a sci-fi or horror movie. Would this icing morph into a monster?
Aaah! Attack of the (Surprisingly Sweet) Swamp Thing!

Adding a bunch more green finally worked. We iced the cake and were ready to sing.

It looks like I still have a ways to go to be the perfect Geek Mother. But at least the kids know I try.

Happy Birthday, Timmy!


  1. I had to laugh that you ate them! I so would have, too! Happy birthday to your big guy! :)

  2. that is HILARIOUS! so funny....... :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Timmy!

  4. Despite the tapered rectangles, that cake looks fabulously delicious... oohey yummy goodness.

    And the green came out great!!

  5. AnonymousJuly 17, 2010

    Love the green lantern cake...and your adventures in creating it! Stopping by from the SITS sharefest.

  6. It's the thought that counts, right?

    He looks happy anyway. Sometimes it's better to have a reason to laugh at mom than have the cake right. You gave him something to laugh about for a long time to come. That's a true gift.


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