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Our kids--Volume IV

Queenie was the second child we took in. She is one of our single orphan children. What this means is that although she has a father she is considered in this country to be an orphan because her father is not able to provide for and care for her on his own.

Queenie also has two older sisters who would look after her when they could but they were just little girls. Here is Queenie on the day her father and older sister came for the tour and interview.

After taking Queenie in and getting her some clothes and food, Tom went back to her house to take photos of her extended family. Even after all our time here it is still sobering to see the conditions that so many people live in.

The contrast in living standards was huge. Queenie went from spending her days riding around on her sisters' back or sitting in the dirt outside her home to playing with colorful toys and eating five times a day and having nannies to look after her all the time.

The change wasn't without a few tears but Queenie has always had such a sweet spirit.

She grew up really fast and got healthy and strong.

There was some concern on the part of the nannies and her dad when she didn't speak as early as they would have liked. They kept asking us to bring in a witch doctor to cut her tongue. We urged them to wait and let her develop in her own time. Sure enough, while not a chatter box, she is a normal preschooler who speaks just fine.

Here is Queenie in our petting zoo. Right now we have two ducks, many rabbits and oodles of guinea pigs and a monkey. Right now the monkey gets put away before the little ones get there. We want the kids to be used to animals and eventually they'll be able to help care for them as part of their chores.

Recently we had a psychologist (working with autistic children) visit and we asked her to evaluate Queenie. One of our concerns when taking in these little ones is that we have no idea what effect months or years of malnourishment have had on them--not to mention the trauma their little spirits have suffered due to the loss or abandonment of one or both of their parents.
It was so nice to have someone come in and give us some input on Queenie's care. She has some mannerisms that are interesting but this professional said that she seems to be fine.

This is my favorite shot of Queenie because it shows her loving personality. See how she has Moriah's hand in hers and her other hand is resting protectively on Theresa's knee? I love it.


  1. She is absolutely beautiful. I am constantly amazed by what you are doing for these children.

  2. Oh my, what a beauty! What a privilege you have to make such a difference in her life. You are blessed!

  3. Queenie is absolutely beautiful! How old is she now?
    Amy, your children are all georgous. There seems to be a light shining in their eyes that lightens my heart. You are truly doing something wonderful. And I'm not using that word lightly.


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