Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mayflies and.....

Did you guess the fruit on the tree in yesterday's photo?

Today's title is another clue if you know how much I love alliteration

But before revealing this fruit's name I want to tell you about our very own Guinness World Record holders. Ok, they aren't exactly ours but they live with us so I'm claiming them.

 See all those bugs?

Here's a closer look. These are Mayflies. They are Guinness World record holders for the shortest lifespan. If you have the 2009 book they are found on page 41. Just be careful if you are like me and can't even touch a picture of a snake--there's a big one on the bottom of the page.

So, apparently, mayflies can live as little as one hour. You could have fooled me though. These things are everywhere! According to Tom they have no mouth parts so they live two to three years as nymphs in lakes but only a very short time as an winged creatures.
Our doors and windows are just covered with them. Anywhere there is a light they congregate. I call walking through doorways or down this one particular stretch of outside corridor 'running the gauntlet' because I have to just run quickly and hope as few mayflies as possible will stick to me.

Like I said before, this time of year is crazy for bugs. The other day Tom killed 300 flies in the kitchen alone. This is no exaggeration!

Our visitors last month shared a joke with us:

You know you've been a missionary for a year or less when a fly lands in your soup and you throw it all out and get a fresh bowl. You know you've been a missionary for 5 years or more when a fly lands in your soup and you flick it out and carry on eating. But you know you are a lifelong missionary of 20 years or more if a fly lands in your soup and you pick it and and shout, "spit it out!!"

I, ummm, fit in the five years or more catagory.....do you know how many cups of tea I'd have wasted by now otherwise? Please don't judge me.

I would love any ideas you have for getting rid of flies. We have hung traps outside but as full as they get there doesn't seem to be any less flies.
I am open to all ideas--crazy ones, wild ones, old wives tales, anything except for voodoo. And I may change my mind about that. Just kidding.....I think.

We do have a couple of allies in the kitchen.
Don't worry, they're much cuter than Mr. Imperial Scorpion.

And there they are. Two little chameleons.

The kids caught them and they now live in our kitchen window.

They eat a ton of bugs and are fun to watch

And now for the big reveal!

Did you guess the name?

They're mangoes. We are going to have so many mangoes. This is just one of our trees.
Last year we tried drying them in a homemade dehydrator. It worked pretty well but we need a better storage system for them. I'm looking up recipes for mango curry, mango pickle, mango cake, mango ice cream, mango....what else? What do you suggest? Any good recipe ideas?


  1. We get those in Michigan, but we call them "Fishflies". I'm afraid of most things creepy or crawly, but Fishflies are okay. If you have pet cats or turtles, they like eating them. ;) But they do cause accidents as they congregate under lights and get super slippery.

  2. Mangoes! So delicious. Unfortunately, the third or fourth time I ate them, my face swelled up like a Cabbage Patch Kid...I had developed an allergy. So I sadly stopped eating them. But when cleaning up after a hurricane I must have come in contact with their tree branches, because I was a Cabbage Patch Kid once again and had to go on steroids for a while. Hope you never have the same problem!

  3. Jamie, it's rainy season here so everything is slippery. I hadn't noticed if the bugs made it worse. That's interesting, though. :)

    GrammaMack, I heard that mangoes are in the poison ivy or is it oak family and that is why people can be allergic to them. Sorry you have to miss out on these great fruits now.

  4. I'm not sure, but if you pick off some of the smaller fruits there in the clumps, then the others can grow bigger.

  5. Love the fly joke! I remember making mango bread was pretty good. It took quite a lot of blended mangoes too. I think it was in the Cooking in Zambia book. Those mayflies can be pretty gross when grouped together. I never thought they were overly nasty though. Somehow they seem cleaner than flies and nicer than grasshoppers.

  6. Hi again! My daughter absolutely loves mangoes! Wow, these trees were loaded. Since this is February, I am assuming that you found recipes for all your mangoes:) ?
    Reading your blog is quite an "adventure"!
    Wendy @ Faith's Firm Foundation


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