Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

If you're reading this before 8AM (CST) on Wednesday, you still have a chance to enter the New Word Contest. It's shaping up to be a random drawing so get your entry in there!

This post is a bunch of random stuff that happened over the last week

Isn't Peter looking fantastic? He coos and gurgles up a storm.

Tom worked as a wildlife ranger again this week rescuing a pangolin. Apparently witches love to use pangolins for creating 'magic'. Since pangolins are on the endangered list we bought it from some boys to make sure it was kept safe. Tom later delivered it to the local Zambian Wildlife Assoc. (ZAWA) office.

Pangolins are anteaters. They don't do well in captivity so rather than take this one down to Munda Wanga, ZAWA will be releasing this one into a nearby national park.

We had some visitors this week. They were missionaries from South Africa and here in Zambia visiting the three prisons near us to pass out Bibles and soccer balls as well as set up contacts for their satellite Bible course.

It was wonderful having fellow Christians visit and they were a tremendous encouragement to us. I took the above picture as they were leaving. In this digital age at every photo op everyone pulls out a camera so as we took pictures of our guests they all requested photos as well and no fewer than four cameras were in use at all times.

I discovered a super easy donut recipe here
. Now we can have donuts each week before church. We had pizza on Saturday night too.--Homemade since we don't have any delivery places here. :(
I'm slowly importing America one junk food at a time.

I made four types: glazed, glazed with sprinkles, cinnamon-sugar, and plain. The glazed were everyone's favorite.

Did you know that I am actually on a diet lifestyle change right now?

How's that going, you ask? Not so great actually.....

Dieting in Africa--always an adventure!


  1. Esther FieldsNovember 04, 2009

    Lifestyle changes with donuts - now that sounds good. My favorite 'junk' food! But it's not junk at all, actually, right?
    You're a great mom, Amy, to all 20 of your children!
    That anteater looks scary. Are they dangerous? I've only seen them in the B.C. comics.

  2. Pandola is a new animal to me!! Wow, interesting stuff.
    Those donuts look great! I can just taste it!! Makes it easy for me to be on a diet to just read about it and not have it right in front of me... I'd try to eat them all! Ha!

  3. Pangolins: Bossy didn't understand. Donuts: Oh yessss, Bossy gets it.

  4. Jennifer MorrowNovember 05, 2009

    I like the doughnut part best! :) They look so professional! Maybe I'll make some using that recipe this weekend...then it would almost be like we're pigging out as one big happy family! :D

    Pangolins are such interesting creatures...I always thought they were Asian animals. Their skin reminds me of samurai armor. :)

  5. Wow, I'm so glad to find this blog. It's fascinating. Where else could I get a great donut recipe and learn about pangolins in one post?! Thanks for visiting and hope you come back.

  6. Wow! A real live pangolin :) Don't they carry leprosy sometimes? Love the donuts!


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