Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Little Hump Day Humor

I've started holding 'office hours' every Tuesday and Thursday for an hour each day. I sit in a little room off our main entry way, and I'm available if the nannies have questions, want to apply for wage advances or loans, or need to fill out forms. It stops 'hallway hit-ups' where I might be caught up in a project and someone approaches me with a request or lengthy question and because my mind is somewhere else, I'm unable to give them my full attention or even best attitude.

Yesterday I was in the little entry room and, as is often the case, Peter was hanging out with me. I'd finished with the few nannies who had come and so I was just reading. Peter was playing with my four color pen, which he'd figured out how to use--to his great delight.

Then, in the distance, across the courtyard, we heard one of the children calling out: "All the boys come! All the boys come! Calling all the boys!"

Something was happening. Something exciting!

Peter's little body quivered with anticipation. He quickly set down the pen and said, "Mom! I have to go!".

He ran out of the room and stood at the top of the steps leading to the courtyard.

Although he was out of my vision, I could hear the outstretched-arms in his voice:

"I'm here! I'm coming!"

But, across the courtyard came an answering call:

"We don't want you, Peter."

Now Peter's voice was tinged with bewilderment.

"But, I'm a boy. I'm a boy! See.....I have a......I have a....."

(I was a little worried at this point. What was he going to produce as proof?)

"I have a boy's haircut!"


I'm not sure what happened later, but Peter never came back, so I hope he was accepted into the group of boys and whatever activity they had going on.

Raising boys is always an adventure!

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  1. Ha ha!! Yeah, i would have been worried too :)


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