Sunday, November 3, 2013

Extra Time and Orphan Sunday

Seeing as this is Orphan Sunday, it's only appropriate that we spend our day bottle feeding two new orphaned babies that were left on our doorstep Friday evening.

Meet Potter and Ginny!

They're doing pretty well considering that they are far too young to be away from their mother.

A group of boys brought them to our door Friday afternoon because they were hoping we would give them some money. They wanted to buy notebooks for school.

As much as I sympathised with the boys, and even wanted to help, I couldn't condone catnapping. I asked them to go put the kittens back where they found them.

Later that evening, Troy found the kittens on our doorstep resting on a scrap of clothing.

I've thought about getting another cat, so we're going to make this work. It will be nice to have a cat or two in our house to keep the mice at bay.


This Sunday is also significant because Americans across the U.S turned their clocks back today. Like many of them, I have mixed feelings about this event.

When the U.S 'falls back' in November, we are eight hours ahead. This is nice in one way because it means when I get up in the morning my U.S kids are still up and it isn't all that late for them. On the other hand, if I need to complete any business with a U.S. office, I have to wait until 5 or 6 PM which is very inconvenient.

There is one question I have regarding this whole clock turning back thing. What happens to television programming? Do the clocks change right at midnight? Do they repeat a show? Or do they have an hour of blank screen? Or do they have a whole show chosen just to fill that extra hour? Or does the hour not even really exist? Is it all an illusion?

Please help me figure this out!

One last adorable peek:

Exactly Two Years Ago:  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie


  1. When my daughter was born she just happened to be born on the evening of Daylight Savings Time and we were wondering what time we'd have on the birth certificate. The nurses told us that all clocks were changed at 1:00 am in the morning. Didn't matter because she was born a half an hour after the time change. So I imagine there is some lousy tv on or some lousy tv that is skipped!

  2. I love these pictures of the baby kittens..... oh, what memories... Our cat is now 13 yrs old. Just love babies. Maybe we should get another......

  3. Happy Belated Anniversary!

  4. Amy, I've stayed up late catching up on reading the last several months of blogs. Can you give us an update on the Albino child you were helping months ago? Are you still helping him? Why did he act so differently (per your blogs) the first two days you met him?

  5. AmysAdventuresNovember 04, 2013

    I will post something on the blog soon. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. AmysAdventuresNovember 04, 2013



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