Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Birthday Boys

We've entered the birthday season here at Kazembe Orphanage.

We had 4 birthdays in August, and one in September.

Because of all we had going on we just now got around to having a birthday party for those five boys, Joseph (2), Peter (4), Denny (4), Johnny (8), and Elias (9).

Here are a couple of the pictures:

Peter is always ready to smile for the camera!

And speaking of mugging for the camera:

Tom kept photobombing during the party.

In the pictures the frosting looks lovely, fluffy and yellow. But, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I was super pressed for time and ended up baking the cake just an hour or two before the party. There wasn't time for it to cool down in order to have buttercream frosting. I quickly whipped up a batch of cooked custard and spread that over the cake. It was warm and yummy. 

Tom even said, "Hey! I think this is better than my birthday cake!" Which means I shouldn't have spent so many hours carefully crafting his. ha ha.

This month we have nine birthdays. November has two. For those keeping track, that is 16 birthdays in four months. The other 12 are spread over the remaining 8 months.

I teased the nannies that the reason for this is that 9 months ago it was rainy season and planting was all done. People got bored.

Somehow they weren't amused.....

I chuckled anyway. 'Cause I'm mature that way.


  1. That's a good joke, but I think it must be an western joke.
    When the electricity was out with Hurricane Ike, we had a surge of babies being born 9 months later here.
    Not only is it funny, but it was true.

  2. Heather EslingerOctober 10, 2013

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Custard cake...a new recipe to try! ha ha


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