Sunday, October 20, 2013

Almost Like Empty Nesters

I couldn't post Friday or yesterday (so many power cuts), so you get two posts today.

This week we had a few goodbyes.

First, on Wednesday we saw Troy off to camp. This is a first for him. It was quite an experience going over the packing list and making sure we had everything on it.

A very nice missionary family in Lusaka offered to host him before and after the camp since his bus gets in at such an odd hour. He arrived in Lusaka at 3 in the morning and then sat on the bus until daylight so he could catch a taxi to our friends' house. 
It's quite a leap of faith to send your teenage son across the country. We had to give him special instructions since we have been waiting for our new visa book for a year. It's been approved, but we haven't got the actual book. This means that according to our passports we have no visa. We just prayed no one would cause trouble for Troy in the middle of the night. He was fine. 

Our next goodbye was to Brent and Sarah who are traveling back to the States for the Holidays and to do some fundraising for support so they can, God willing, come back next year to teach again. We will definitely miss their hard work with the children. 

The kids will miss them as well. Poor little Nathan and Denny had big tears rolling down their faces as Brent and Sarah rode out the gate down to the bus.

We're hoping to welcome a new teacher very soon to fill in the gap. Please pray for this.

For the first time in a long time, Tom and I have been 'alone'. It's been a very interesting experience. With only the two of us for dinner  I had a chance to cook gourmet. I'm addicted to MasterChef Australia (even the Junior version) and have wanted to try some of the tricks and now I could. Above that is Beef Roast with a Soy Sauce and Onion reduction served with a Cauliflower & Carrot puree and sliced tomatoes with Basil Vinaigrette. Tom's plate also has homemade whole wheat bread.


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