Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Visitors and Parties

These past couple weeks we've had two OB nurses visiting our project along with a local Peace Corps volunteer. They have been speaking to TBAs-- traditional birth attendants (think lay midwives)-- on maternal health. If I can get a green light on it, I'll share some of their experiences with you. --The TBAs can be a bit private and so they may have only agreed to the classes if it would all be kept secret.

While staying at the orphanage, one of the visiting nurses celebrated a birthday. Michael also has an April birthday, so a party was organized and everyone had a lot of fun!

Tom said he made it very clear that birthday balloons are just for parties and have to be promptly cleaned up. We've had trouble with bits and pieces of balloons ending up in babies' mouths.

It looks like, though Jasmine is missed, that at least fun cupcakes can still be made. Sprinkles and all!! Yay!

Boy, do I miss the kids!

Did you see Samuel resting in the lap of our Peace Corps friend? I was shocked to see how tiny he was. His pictures until this one had been him on his own, so I didn't have context for just how small he really was. 

Thankfully, he is doing much better. Photos soon.

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  1. It's always a good time for a party! Love those happy faces and the cupcakes look delicious! Samuel IS so tiny, my goodness.


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