Thursday, April 11, 2013


Samuel is making great progress. I'm so happy! Below is a photo history with comments from Sarah.


March 31--Samuel is great. He is happy and loves to play life is full of interest for him and he is a real fighter. When he wakes up he lays there and waves his hands and feet around and scrunches up his face, then he pauses for a few moments and goes at it again until he finally opens his eyes. 

March 31--Today for the first time he laughed out loud before that he would talk and coo a lot but never giggled out loud though he did grin a lot. He communicates his needs very well. Samuel wiggles a lot, all night long he wiggles if I put my hand on his chest and whisper it’s ok he will immediately stop wiggling and lay quiet for some time.  If you lay your hand on Samuel when he is sleeping he will grin and flash smiles.

April 4

April 1-- Samuel's skin is awesome......He has shed all the icky stuff and now the coloration is blending, and he is becoming more and more one color every day.

April 2
 April 3--Samuel's homemade Boppie chair, when I showed the Nannies they laughed and said baby Moses.  

April 5--Yesterday Samuel weighed 3.548 Today he weighed 3.648.  

Praise be to God for his everlasting mercies!

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  1. About time the little one is doing well! Can't wait to meet him this summer.

  2. Heather E.April 11, 2013

    How how handsome he's becoming!

  3. sweetie baby! (I pray you measure in kilos!)

  4. What a cutie....keeping him in my prayers

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