Friday, October 26, 2012

No Shortage of Babies in These Parts

While I've been busy feeding and caring for two newborn babies, Tom has been busy with his own babies. 

Go check out his post about the Civets who are living in a bucket in our bathroom. Come back when you're done. I'll be right here.

Tom has been so good about feeding those babies with a tiny, doll-sized bottle (originally for rabbits) 5 times a day. He has done his research and is working with a couple wildlife sanctuaries and trusts to find a solution for them.

There is only one inaccuracy in his post. He mentions the noise those Civets make and compares it to the aggravating cry of a baby. He's wrong. It is. so. much. worse. It's like one of those wind up toys kids play with: the string is pulled and released and it makes a sound--WEEEEEEEOOOOOOUUUUUU over and over and over again.

It's the kind of sound that will land a toy in the trash mysteriously. 

This solution does not work with baby Civets.

I'm really proud of Tom for all his hard work with saving animals here in Zambia. Even if I don't care for the sound they make.

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