Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baby Updates

I apologize for the lack of photos with this post. I'm writing this in the middle of the night while up with the twins, and I canNOT find the camera. At six in the morning I will turn the twins over to the nanny and head out the door for Mansa and shopping. I wanted to make sure to get this update out to you though. I'll post pictures on Sunday.

First for the good news:

Luke and Leah are doing really well. They are eating between 2 and 3 ounces every 3 or so hours. At the moment Jasmine and I care for them one day and then a nanny the next day. It gives us a chance to get a full night sleep every other day and keeps our costs down as we are still working on our budget.

We've had some funny moments with them. The very first day the twins arrived I was undressing them and getting them into clean clothes. When I unwrapped Leah's clothing, there lying across her belly was the cut umbilical cord. Here in Zambia they leave about five inches of it so it was quite the sight. Jasmine and Troy both turned away immediately and began to gag. It was hilarious. Just tonight Troy changed Luke's diaper and was present for the passing of the cord. He shouted out, "The Devil!". LOL

The day the babies arrived, drawing on my extensive experience as a mother of twins, I told Jasmine we needed to quickly get some nail polish and mark one of the twins' nails so we'd know which was the boy and which was the girl. Then it hit me......Oh!

And now for the not so good:

Maggie is doing OK. Not great. Just OK. Please hold her up in your prayers. She is showing signs of depression. I don't know how much is from the grief she has to be feeling from being separated from her family and everything she knows, and how much is from her disease. Apathy is a symptom of Kwashiorkor and one of the reasons it is so difficult to treat. 

The first couple days she drank her milk well. Then, she began to refuse the milk and ask for nshima (the local corn staple food). We shouldn't give that to her because her body is not breaking down food and absorbing proteins properly yet.

Finally, I gave in and mixed milk and sugar into the nshima so that at least she would eat something. Unfortunately, after only a few bites of this, she gave up. 

At this point, we are back to the F75 milk. This is a high-calorie, low protein milk. She sips it all day long, but at least it's getting in her. The swelling is coming down slowly so that is progress, but she just sits around not playing or interacting at all. 

I've encouraged the nannies to hold her and cuddle her all the time to help her bond and feel loved. I slip down to the nursery when I can to hug and love on her. I have to be careful now though to avoid passing on any germs to the newborns. This is one of those times that I feel so inadequate to meet everyone's needs......

Goats are Babies too:
Billie is growing fast. She has started to eat from the regular goat feed so her bottle-feeding days are numbered. In the meantime though she still loves to come to us for her food. She knows who Tom is and recognizes his voice. The other day he was driving home up the dirt road that borders the goat field. He called out the window, "Maaa maaa". Billie answered, "Maaa?" and then when she realized it was him, she tore up the field chasing the car and bleating, "Maaaa maaaa maaaa". LOL

Now she has gotten even bolder and has started walking right into the house if the back door is left open. One evening we were all watching television in the living room when Billie just walked right in and made herself at home. She jumped straight up onto the couch and sat next to Tom.

Mama update:

 I'm tired. That is all. There is so much going on that I constantly feel like I am dropping six balls while juggling three. Tom pointed out yesterday that I had dark circles under my eyes. He further pointed out that was an unattractive look. He was just mocking one of those style makeover shows we had just watched, but it was true nonetheless. 

Pray for me to figure out what the true priority is for each day and to be able to focus on it. Pray that i can give my full attention to my loved ones when they need me. Troy and Jasmine have both mentioned that I rarely hold a normal conversation with them anymore--that I am all work, all the time. 

I know the Lord would not have brought these three latest children to our door if he didn't think we could meet the challenge. He will make a way.

Thank you for your prayers, and thank you to those who have helped and joined forces with us by donating. You make our job easier!


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