Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Best in Show

Keep reading to the end for the contest winner!

I have my family back!

Hooray and Hallelujah!

If I'm being completely honest (and I do try to be most of the time), I actually enjoyed my alone time. I could get up each day and set out my plan--and for the most part things followed that plan.

I worried what I would make for meals for just little ol' me, but Tom said he didn't think I had anything to worry about in that area. Just in case you're wondering, that wasn't a dig at my current state of curviness. It's just that I like food and enjoy cooking.
Tom brought out the good point that even when I'm simply scrambling eggs for myself for breakfast I tend to dress them up. "Now me, he said, "I just grab some bread and peanut butter and make a quick sandwich. Come to think of it, I don't know I've ever seen you eat a peanut butter sandwich". And he's right. I have of course made them. Few mothers of many children can get away with not making stacks of PB&Js. But, they are not my favorite thing to eat.

Sure enough, I made wonderful meals while everyone was away. True they were often leftovers fixed in multiple ways, but I ate well. I also ate much less because I didn't have to make a large pot which would tempt me into eating seconds. I simply cooked exactly what I needed.

I watched a full season of Parenthood--love that show!--and a few other movies as well. I had a lovely evening where I watched You've Got Mail and ate vanilla pudding out of tea cup. Joy!


Tom and the kids had a wonderful time in Lusaka. The fundraiser evening was especially fun for Jasmine and Troy who have so few opportunities to enjoy outings.

They did have one little adventure while out and about in Lusaka which I will write about next week.

And now on to the results!

This costume guessing contest had only 2 guesses (and none got all three right) so I'll assign the prize to the one that got 2 correct.

And now for the big reveal!

Tom absolutely loved making these costumes. He's a pro!

First of all, here is Troy:


He was the Joker, as you can see. Both commenters guessed right on that. Tom found all the elements for this costume in one thrift store. He is pretty amazing at that! They used Tom's old clown makeup to color his hair and cover his face.

Troy enjoyed frightening small children at the party. Ha ha!

Here comes Jasmine:

Elektra! For this costume Tom just pulled anything red he could see out of the thrift store racks, and later at home we fashioned the costume out of a shirt dress and a shirt. We turned the dress into a wrap and used the extra pieces for bands and belt. As I was sewing the pieces by hand, and adding velcro for the fasteners, Jasmine commented that I was a velcro master. I asked her if that was like being a Play-Doh Michelangelo. LOL

Tom had a local welder create those swords out of a design he (Tom) had come up with. He used springs for the handles so they had some give to them when you hit something with them.

I loved how her costume turned out! Unfortunately most people at the party were unfamilar with Elektra and thought Jasmine was a pirate.

And now for Tom!

He was Rorschach! That is a character from the graphic novel Watchman for those of you not quite up on your comic books. I know I wouldn't be if I wasn't immersed in it day and night thanks to my geeky family.

Tom's costume was not thrifted, but he now owns a handsome trench coat so I'm happy.

Here is the picture he used as his inspiration:

I'd say he got it quite close. Wouldn't you? Tom created that gun out of bits and pieces in his work room.

That mask did get in the way at dinner and he ended up having to remove it. But, he looked great!

So, the winner with two guesses right (Joker and Elektra) was Heather from Prairie Mother! Congratulations!! I'll get your coffee out to you in the next couple weeks.

I'm so glad my family had fun, I enjoyed my alone time, but I'm glad we're reunited!

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