Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Hunters

When chatting with Tom the other day via Skype, he told me that he had gone hunting with the boys for frogs. After catching some, he did what any good hunter does and taught them how to fry and eat the frog legs.

I panicked a little about whether or not the frogs might be poisonous. Then he said this all took place two days before. Since no one died (aside from the frogs) I guess that rules out poison. So good to know.

Johnny looks a little sad. Maybe he has a tender side that mourns the loss of a frog's life.

                                         I'm not sure why Elias' eyes are closed....

I'm so glad the kids have the ability to explore and learn boyish skills--not that there's anything wrong with girls learning frog hunting--one of the many advantages to living out in the African Bush. They've all also been taking P.E classes and beginning Shotokhan. I'll try to share pictures of that with you soon.

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