Thursday, April 5, 2012

Face-Palm Moments

Yesterday I was heading out the door to speak at a church gathering. I struggled to slip my feet into my black heels as I stood by the front door and my hostess waited patiently. After several seconds I realized I was trying to shove my foot into the wrong shoe. She laughed good-naturedly along with me and said she now felt better about a silly mistake she had made earlier at the grocery store. 

That's me....out to make the world a better place by making others laugh at me and my mishaps.

Several weeks ago, I went to the grocery store with my daughter, Jennifer. A little boy scout was sitting at the entrance selling coupon books for local businesses. Since I am only in the U.S for a short while, it doesn't make a lot of sense for me to buy a coupon book. At least this is what I told myself as I thanked him but kept moving on.

I bought a few groceries for the Indian dish I planned to make for my kids, paid for them with a $20 bill, grabbed my change and receipt in one hand, my small sack of groceries in the other and headed out the exit.

Just outside the door was another Boy Scout table set up with coupon books and two of the tiniest & cutest boy scouts ever. One of them walked over and lisped the spiel: "Can you buy our coupon books?" I was sorely tempted. I asked how much they were, thinking that if it was only a couple bucks I would buy them. "$10" was his response--still in the lispy, lilty way of first graders the world over.

"I'm sorry, sweetie. I don't have ten dollars."

"Yes, you do!"

Poor sweet child--he doesn't yet know his numbers.....

"No, honey, I don't have........oh."

And there in my handful of change was a ten dollar bill. I truly hadn't realized my change had been that much. And now, I looked like a liar. 

I quickly stammered and stuttered about how that was meant for something else and the boy scout's mother jumped in to confirm that, yes, sometimes grown-ups need their money for other things. Bless her!

I felt guilty all day long. Poor little child. I can picture it now. He's all grown up and speaking to his therapist: "And that was the day I learned that big people LIE!"

Oh, the crying shame. 

Not all my blunders are quite so public--until I post them on Facebook (or this blog), of course.

Tuesday morning I woke up bright and early to get my workout in before a 10 AM flight. After my exercise and shower, I decided to wake up my brain by playing a round of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader on Facebook. 

One of the questions was "How many U.S States begin with the letter K?" 
K is a silly letter, I thought, as I clicked 0.

How many of you know the right answer??

That's right. It's 2. 

The very day I was up early to fly to Kansas, and only two days after having had lunch in Kentucky, I got that answer wrong. Ah, me!!

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