Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Off and Running

I hit the ground running this trip and I'm so excited about that. My very first full day here I had to go to the DMV to renew my driver's license. Bureaucracy and an awful photo in one stop. Hooray! Seriously though--after dealing with government offices in Africa, this was an absolute breeze. Truth be told--I still hate my photo. On the bright side--if I ever have need of a mug shot, my photos will totally match. 

I also spontaneously booked a trip to Nashville to attend a conference. I had hoped to get a trip in to Nashville this year but wasn't sure how it would all work. Then this conference opportunity opened up and I jumped on it. I'll be learning more about how to run a non-profit. Exciting stuff! Don't you wish you could attend with me? I'm looking forward to all the new stuff I'll learn though.

I have already scheduled a bunch of events and am presenting the list here so in case you want to catch me at any of them you can! 

March 25--
               Peace Lutheran--Pasadena, TX 9:30 A.M
               Grace Bible Church--Baytown, TX 11:45 A.M (potluck lunch first, then the presentation)
March 29-April 1—Nashville, TN 

April 3-April 6—Montezuma, KS
Montezuma Methodist Church—Wednesday, April 4

April 18-- Fisher Road Baptist—Baytown, TX

April 22—Hebron Baptist Church—Denham Springs, TX

May 2—Monument Baptist—Deer Park, TX

May 6-May 21 Midland/Odessa

May 6—Grace Christian Church—Odessa, TX

May 20—Immanuel Baptist—Odessa, TX

May 27—Independence, OR

Sundays and Wednesdays still available:
April 8—Sunday
April 11--Wednesday
April 15—Sunday
April 25--Wednesday
April 29—Sunday

Of course if you are interested in any weekday events (meetings, dinners, lunches, coffee, etc.) please email me and I can send you my number so we can set up a time (or if you just want to chat). If you need directions to any of the above scheduled meetings, you can also email for instructions.

 I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the next couple months.

P.S. I'll be posting a list later in the week detailing our fundraising goals for this year and some of the needs the orphanage has. Stay tuned.

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