Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jeepers Creepers

The other day, we had just finished having dinner with some guests who were visiting us for a week. I was enjoying myself and feeling pretty chill and happy.

I walked across our grassy area between the dining room and our living area on my way to my office.

As I opened the door to my office, right on the floor directly in front of me was one of my worst nightmares.

I began to scream and call for someone to save me, anyone!

My screams were enough to bring my husband running from the other building.

What could possibly have upset me so terribly?

Why just a six inch Imperial scorpion, that's all.

As I shivered and shuddered in a corner, my boys (hubby included) scooped up the scorpion and began to tease the cat with it, but all I could think and say over and over again was,

"It's not October yet! You're not supposed to be here yet!"

I guess the scorpion forgot to check his calendar. See, we usually get bunches, hordes, swarms? of scorpions right before rainy season. Just before the rains make their appearance, these 'spiders on steroids' begin to show up all over the place. Right on their heels come the swarms (I know that's the right word) of termites adn other insects. The scorpions are just part of the circle of life. 

I just wish they weren't so ugly and ominous looking.


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