Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guess the Secret Ingredient

We finally got our gas bottles delivered earlier this week so I was able to bake a cake for Troy who celebrated his birthday in the third week of August.

When I asked Troy what cake he wanted he was very specific: Chocolate with Darth Vader's face surrounded by all the colors.

Colors I could do. The Darth Vader head stumped me a bit. Eventually I came up with a solution. 

I posted a picture of the cake on Facebook and had my friends try to guess what the head was made of. I'll post their guesses (and the correct answer) and see what you think. I'll post the answer at the bottom of this post.

Was Darth Vader's face crafted from: 
a. fondant
b. sugar cookie
c. dirt
d. play-doh
f. melted sugar in a mold
g. licorice
h. jello
i. pie crust
j. gum drops

I will say that it was an edible shape.

Past birthday cake creations of varying success:

Oh, and I kinda messed up this cake. When Troy said multi-colored he was envisioning more aurora borealis. Oops.

By the way, when you're done here, why not hop over to Unknown Mami's and see what all the other ladies (& gents) are up to this lovely Sunday. 

Unknown Mami

And now for the correct answer!

Drum roll please.......


Did you guess correctly? Thanks for playing this episode of Guess That Ingredient!


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