Monday, September 12, 2011

The Days That Followed

Along with much of the world yesterday, I remembered.

I remembered where I was as I heard the first puzzling news about a plane crash.

I remembered where I was when the news turned into such a tragedy.

I remember crying for the many, many lives that would never be the same again.

But, what I remember most of all is the way our country pulled together. I sat on the floor of the blood donation center for hours. 

I wasn't the only one. 

And as I sat, I felt a kinship with my fellow donors like never before. 

I was proud to be a citizen of such a generous and caring nation.

Nearly two weeks after that terrible day, Tom had an idea. He thought we should travel up to New York City to help bring some encouragement, joy and love to those that were working so hard to recover.

We were between jobs and had been spending much of our time preparing for our move to Africa. We could do it. 

We used to perform as a family like the Van Trapps (portrayed in The Sound of Music) and, by an interesting coincidence, our latest costumes had a patriotic theme.

After traveling for three days, we reached Manhattan and spent the next three days driving from fire house to fire house to police station, singing a few songs and then loving on the wonderful men (& women) who had been through so much.

Everyone loved the 'little cowboys & girls'--they certainly caught people's eyes.

During our time in New York we performed 25 times. The people we met were so sweet and humble. It was such an honor to be able to give them something after they had given so much to others.

Some of the houses (stations) we visited had lost entire shifts of men. These were their friends and loved ones. And yet, the job kept on. None of them could stop and take time to just grieve. Emergencies still happened, as they do in cities, fires started and had to be put out. Sometimes as we were performing, a bell would ring, the men would suit up and pull out. It was sobering. 
We needs to remember emergency personnel still put their lives on the line daily. Take some time to pray for and encourage someone today.

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