Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Two posts two days in a row. The shock may just knock a few people off balance.

This story I'm going to tell didn't happen today, but it seemed appropriate--given the date and all.

A few weeks ago while in Mansa I was packing up our hotel room after the overnight stay. They had given us a full bar of soap and it just seemed wasteful to have it thrown out after only a couple uses.. It was wet and a bit sticky so I tossed it into an empty potato chip bag and packed it in my suitcase.

I didn't give it another thought until the next day when Peter wandered into our office and began going through my things. It wasn't long until he discovered the bag of 'chips'. 

I heard him chattering about it and knew it wouldn't be long until he asked if he could have some.

Sure enough:

"Mommy, can I have some food?"

"Why don't you look inside first?"

"Oh, wow!"

"Take a smell first before you take a bite."

His look says it all. 
How could something so pretty, smell not so good to eat.

It was the perfect April Fools' Day joke--even if it did take place in February.

These photos were recreations of the event. I think Peter has a future in acting. What do you think?

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  1. Heather EslingerApril 05, 2014

    Oh!!! That face!! too adorable !


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