Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Family Day to Remember

Each time one (or two) of our kids leave us and head off into the horizon, away from us, to meet their destinies (sorry....feeling melancholy for a moment--ok, I'm done!), we try to make memories and create something that will lessen the feeling of loss.

For Jasmine we chose to visit a lodge just outside Lusaka that has a game drive to see animals, as well as horseback riding, a cheese factory, fishing, and more. While a bit pricey, it would give us a full day of fun.

The game drive wasn't as chock full of animals as it could have been because of the high grass--it's the end of rainy season in Zambia--but we still had a good time.

Our first stop was at the lion's enclosure. The lions have 20 acres of land to roam 'free' on. We weren't sure if they'd be near the viewing area, but we were rewarded with an upclose look at them.

This lion caught a look at a baby in our group and growled and roared, and yet behaved very much a large cat. It was fascinating.

Sadly, poor Jasmine didn't get to see much of the lions because as she stood near the fence taking pictures she was attacked by wildlife of a much smaller size.

Mposhi Ants!! They are wicked little fire ants that bite really hard.

You can read more about them here in the words of David Livingstone.

They ended up crawling all the way up Jasmine's back. She quickly ducked into a feed shed and removed her jeans. I took them outside and shook them off--having to pinch off the ants that held on with their incredible jaws--but even after this Jasmine kept finding them crawling up her legs. We think they may have been inside the folds of her socks.

After this we rode around for a couple hours looking for animals. As I said before, they were hard to spot. In the meantime we stayed entertained with a dragonfly

and a moth. Both insects landed on Troy and Jasmine's legs and stayed still until we'd gotten some good shots and then they flew away.--almost as if they'd posed.

Eventually we managed to see a waterbuck

some zebras and a wildebeest (not pictured--google it--they are so unusual)

a giraffe

a few ostriches

and some elephants.

Each and every time we came upon an animal, Troy and Tom jumped from the vehicle with their video cameras and tripods to capture footage. They're hoping to put together a collection of short clips to use as stock footage. 

I understood it. But, it drove me crazy. I have a short attention span. Once I've seen the animal, I'm done. Unless it's entertaining me in some way, I have no interest in watching a giraffe chew its cud. 

After many minutes of looking at the giraffe, I pulled out my Kindle for which Tom then teased me mercilessly.

These elephants are semi-tame. They have a handler and the baby was born at this game park. However, they are not pets. I first saw the baby when he was 1 year old. He's now 5 years old.

Which African animal would you most like to see?

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  1. I think I'd most like to see any of those animals, but in Africa. I've seen most of them in zoos...tiny enclosures with proper fences and walls. I think it may be different to see them in the grasslands

  2. Beautiful! I could sit and observe the animals for a long time because I love animals and like to watch them.

  3. Lions and elephants!! WISH I could be there!!


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