Monday, December 17, 2012

My Very Own Day

Today is my special day. 

I'm celebrating it in my own way since Tom and the kids are still in Lusaka. Troy and Jasmine will be getting on the bus tomorrow, but for now I'm having some alone time.

All day I've been preparing gift bags for our staff Christmas party on Wednesday. I'm fairly excited about how the party is going to go.

Now, the living room is clean, my candles are lit, the Christmas lights are twinkling on my angel-themed Christmas tree, and I'm just relaxing and chilling out.

I've popped a big bowl of popcorn, and made a comforting rice pudding for later, which I'll eat along with a birthday glass of cheer.

Playing on the DVD machine is my favorite birthday movie. (5 points if you know what that is)


Today is the last birthday I'll have before a milestone birthday. A big birthday. A 'can-be-divided-by an-even-number' birthday. A birthday that rhymes with Lordy, Lordy, as in, "Look who's turning..."

I don't feel too badly about it.

Life has been full and good. (I say that as if I've been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Ha)

But, there's something about approaching a big birthday that gets you thinking.

What should I try to do in my 'last' year?

I don't think I'll do anything as cliche as a list containing the same amount of items as years, or trying to lose that amount of pounds--though that's not a bad idea.

I'd rather focus on becoming Fabulous at 'any age', or being healthy enough to run a 5K without stopping.

With my birthday so close to the New Year, it's easy to make resolutions at the same time. I've had some bouncing around in my head for a few weeks now.

But, would you have any you'd like to suggest for me?

As I get ready to enter the new phase of my life what should I do or accomplish?


Funny thing about my age. My daughter wrote me a message on Facebook saying that she has forgotten how old I am turning, and to her I'll always be 35. The interesting thing is that my first memories of my mom as being a real person--not just my mom--is when I was between 10-12 years old, which would have put her around 35 years old. So, in my mind she has never aged from then on. I guess that makes us the same age now. Ha ha!

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