Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Comes To Kazembe

OK, so my family has always dressed up and partied hearty on October 31 because, despite my intense dislike for this holiday, it is right up their creative alley.

Troy and Jasmine wanted to share their joy with all the kids this year. I was so proud of them for taking on the whole project and putting so much work into it. Jasmine got on Pinterest and planned some special foods A couple weeks ago they held a meeting with the kids during school hour and allowed them to choose their own costumes--which I thought incredibly brave!

This cake was Jasmine's first work with molding chocolate.
She made it from scratch and created her own design.
The alien is resting on top of a pound cake.
After preparing snacks and treats, including the above Alien Crime Scene Cake, Jasmine and Troy took the kids two-by-two into our living room to paint faces and assemble costumes. The rest of the kids watched Toy Story while waiting their turns.

Beauty's costume choice was Blue Super Hero
Jasmine and Troy did a fantastic job of pulling costumes together from bits and pieces and made excellent use of Tom's old clown face paint.

Johnny as The Hulk--look at that muscle definition!
I felt so sorry for the nannies who had to wash all this face paint off
--especially since we ran out of water that night!
Janet as Princess Ujaro
--a character from my kids' home movie

Moriah as a Puppy
Jasmine saw this face paint design on my friend's FB page. She copied it perfectly!
Henry as Spiderman
I love his pose!
Sandra wanted to be a Heart
This paint was job was a breeze after the others.

 After everyone had their costumes on they ate dinner which included the alien cake, pumpkin pie (their first ever) and some candy. Afterward they all played a few games. One of the games was Super Hero Fight which was destined to end badly. You know what they say: It's all fun and games until someone ends up with a bloody lip.

The Whole Gang
L-R (Back row) Chola: Batman, Elias: Peter Pan, Ernest: Iron Man, Johnny: Hulk, 
 Theresa: Belle, Queenie: Ballerina, Beauty: Blue Super Hero, (Next row) Jennifer: Princess, Henry: Spiderman, Peter: Obi-Wan, Janet: Princess Ujaro, Denny: Ramses, Moriah: Puppy,
 Nathan: Hook, Sandra: Heart, (Front) Lizzie: Fairy, Jack: Monkey

Whew! That is a ton of kids!

Three cheers for Jasmine and Troy making memories!

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