Sunday, November 11, 2012

Adages Disproved

This past week started off with a bang. Literally!

Monday afternoon Tom and I were taking our afternoon siesta. The power was out and things were dim and humid. Suddenly there was a horrifying blast accompanied by a flash of reddish light. 

Instantly we realized we'd been hit by lightning again! Out of a completely blue sky! I guess the adage 'lightning never strikes twice' doesn't count here in Africa.

We flew into action to determine whether anything had been damaged. We were so relieved that the water pump had not been plugged in. It didn't mean for sure that the pipes themselves hadn't been hit carrying the electric surge underground. We would have to wait for the power to be restored to be sure.

We turned on our battery to check the computers and other electronic equipment. Thankfully all our computers survived. The internet did not. Time would tell which pieces And both our television and satellite receiver were fried.

Once power came on we were able to test the water pump. It worked! Hallelujah!

Half of our lights were knocked out. There were a few scary nights where we had no security lights until Tom could get ahold of the wires and figure out what was causing them to short out. He finally narrowed it down to a yard-long stretch of wire. Several of the lightbulbs were burned out. We can only buy replacements when one of us goes to Lusaka--no WalMart or Target around here. 

A couple days after the lightning strike we discovered that the printer also has been knocked out. 

Thankfully an internet repairman came up on Tuesday and only our wireless router had to be replaced. We were very quickly back online. Another Hallelujah!

Our electronics graveyard now consists of: A television, a DVR, a printer, about 20 lightbulbs (including some expensive floodlights), and the wireless router. 

Tomorrow I leave for Lusaka. I was heading down there for something already which is now not happening (long story....), but I will now be running from store to store deciding what can be repaired and what needs to be replaced. Keep me in your prayers. Electronics and me are not the best of friends.

Despite all the drama we still managed to get some work done. Here is our latest newsletter. If you click on this link you can subscribe by clicking on the button in the upper left corner.
October 2012

I'll try to do better about writing over this next week. I have news about Maggie to share with you.

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