Thursday, December 15, 2011

Where Do I Start?

I feel like every other post is saying "aren't you glad to see me again?" At least I'm not wearing out my welcome, I hope.....

Right after we got back from Lusaka we discovered that our internet was out. Again! It took a week and we don't know what the problem was, but we're so thankful to have it.

We had that wonderful experience meeting former President Bush in Lusaka and then actually had a bit of downtime for the next couple days as we waited to take care of some business while we were in the city.

The next few days were filled with hustle and bustle as we rushed from office to office filing paperwork for our soon-to-be official charity here in Zambia. There were some interesting things that happened that could fill a book--in fact, you'll just have to read about them there--and by the end we were just oh, so glad to be getting on the bus and heading home to Kazembe. 

We had guests along for the ride on the bus. No, don't worry, they were human--no goats or chickens or monkeys this time. A sweet German couple, who are traveling around Zambia, heard about our project and decided to raise money before their journey and they also spent a week with us to volunteer.
They helped continue the construction on the goat barn, and also helped us make Christmas cards with the kids. What fun!


Speaking of Christmas cards, if you sent a donation any time in this past year, you can expect a card to show up in your box anywhere from 3-5 weeks from now. Happy New Year!  Ha ha!
As I type this, I'm also mentally packing my suitcase because Tom and I are off tomorrow to attend the annual Policeman's Ball. Since my birthday is on Saturday it will be a type of celebration as well. We're performing our dance again, but we've improved on the waltz section--hopefully! You can be sure I'll tell you all about the fun we're sure to have.

I will end this missive here with the promise (as God wills) that I will be back tomorrow and every day after that as I try to catch up on all the adventures we've been having.
Until then, may God bless you on your adventures today and always!



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