Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Little Elves Were Out in Force

Last week we held a crazy assembly line of Christmas card construction. We bought some handmade Zambian cards with designs made of either banana leaves or African cloth. Some of the paper was even made from recycled elephant poo.

To make the cards even more awesome we had the tiniest kids add a handprint or footprint. 

Not all of them were thrilled with it. Jack had a positively worried look on his face the entire time.

Is this not the cutest thing ever?
Then we wrote a message and the cards were signed by one of the bigger kids. 

We let the preschoolers trace over their names that were pre-written in pencil. 

The kindergarteners could write all by themselves. 

We had a German couple staying with us all week. After putting in some good card-making time, Sabina and Georg would read Christmas stories to the kids. The kids loved all the special attention.
If you sent a donation any time in the past year, you can watch your mailbox for a card anytime in the next month.--Gotta love African mail!

Are you sending out snail mail cards or e-cards this year?


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