Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Benefits and Blessings

 I'm counting my blessings again about my life of (relative) solitude. Thank you all for weighing in and sharing your spouse-less blessings. That was fun.

I heard again and again that houses were cleaner. Sadly, that's not the case in this house. I'm the slob here. Tom even asked me, Thursday, to turn the webcam and show him his desk to see if I'd already cluttered it up. I had! *hanging my head in shame*

I'm sure everyone has wonderful spouses and partners and so I mean this in the best way, but I appreciate my husband even more now. He has his weakness, but he doesn't have others. Things all work out. For example, my husband is pretty good about eating just about anything, he doesn't graze the fridge or drink out of cartons. He's pretty tidy ,and almost never smells bad. He does keep snakes though. See? Balances out.

I found some more bright sides:
I can wear my comfy pajamas to bed without being asked, "Are you trying to send me a message?". Just for the record, I'm not.

If When I lose weight while Tom is away, he will be able to notice it because it should be more obvious than if he was here watching the ounces fall slowly off.

So, that's my 'count my blessings' moment.
Check back on Monday for another episode of 'Look On the Bright Side of Life'. It's gonna be good. 


  1. I love the focus on the positive and blessings. It's SO healthy:) I do a post like this every Monday:)

  2. I was "introducing" Mark to you (since he was wondering who I was posting a belly picture for :) and I read him this post and we both laughed out loud. I am SO grateful that my husband does not keep snakes. Balanced out!

  3. Your positive outlook is always so uplifting to me!

    Hugs & love,


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