Saturday, February 5, 2011

Where We Were Last Week

Today we are about to head out the door and brave the cold, icy roads to meet up with friends new and old.

If you remember when I announced this meeting last year, Tom has been worried that no one would show up due to some experiences he had before. We could never have anticipated this difficulty though--roads all over Houston have been shut down because of the ice. We're still moving forward, though.

Last week we attended a missionary conference and had the opportunity to share about our work and missionary life in general.

Saturday evening in Alabama there was a banquet and we had a forum afterward where all the missionaries in attendance got to answer questions from the church members.

Timmy, Jasmine and Troy all got a chance to answer questions too.

This was a very new experience for them but they handled it very well.

They even threw in humor. Yes, they take after me.....;)

The following morning we were assigned to Sunday School groups for more in depth presentations. 

Tom and I showed the video (you can watch a few of our videos here) and then answered questions.

I explained how much we depend on people to team up with us for sponsorship of the children. We are raising the children of the future and need others to invest in them with us.

Tom talked about the unusual things we encounter in our adopted country. Things you, my lovely readers, have been reading about right here. 

What has been your favorite adventure we've had?


  1. I have to work tonight so I won't make the meeting here. Totally bummed. How long will y'all be stateside since I still have to mail or get those pillowcase dresses to you?

  2. You look really beautiful in your pics. How does it feel to be stateside?

    Hugs & Love,

  3. What a lovely family.... beautiful photos!!

  4. So glad you were able to share your hearts and your mission with others while stateside! Beautiful family! I hope you all have the opportunity to rest a little too while home!


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