Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sundays in My City--Water Play

Thursday was a hot, hot day here in Zambia. The sun was bright and it was the perfect day for water play.

We filled a bucket with water and give the kids a cup each.

They had to scoop water up with their cups and then carry it from the bucket and dump it into the baby bathtub about 10 feet away.

Moriah took her task seriously. Look at that concentration.

Once there was a couple inches of water in the bathtub they would splash around a little before running back to the bucket for another cupful.

Moriah practiced carrying water on her head like a good African girl.

Nathan had to try carrying his cup on his head too.

Their nanny gave them spoons for carrying the water in as well.

By the time Nathan reached the bathtub there usually wasn't any water left on the spoon but he went through the motions anyway, shaking off every last drop.

All the kids had a lovely time but Peter especially could not get enough of the water. He kept splashing and laughing, tossing and giggling.

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Unknown Mami

Exactly One Year Ago: T.J turned 18! Today is my oldest son's 19th birthday. He is attending his first ever karate tournament. I wish I could be there! Love you, my boy!


  1. This is just beautiful. To see these kids laughing warm my heart deeply and your describtion of the whole scenes are priceless.

  2. this is just oh wow..just amazing i love kids..perfect day. are they your kids?

  3. What beautiful photos, the children look like they are having the most amazing time, the perfect way to spend a warm sunny day.
    Happy birthday TJ.

  4. Wonderful post! And yes, the concentration on those little faces is beautiful!

  5. Adorable! What precious little ones. How can anyone be grumpy after watching children play? Thanks for sharing!

  6. They are so precious. i love their little faces as they are doing this important task. Too cute for words!

  7. These are such sweet photos. The smiles on the babies' faces were infectious! I will be smiling all day thinking of them.

  8. We could sure use some of that gorgeous warm weather down here..:D
    Glad that your little ones had fun!!!

  9. They all are so adorable and the weather is just perfect!!!

  10. How adorable. I'd spend my whole time hugging them if I was there. These little ones are just too cute for words.

  11. Super, super, super cute :)

    ah....NOW I see your email address! Thanks.

  12. My kids spend a lot of their summer time doing this as well. Funny how we can come from such different places and yet are so much the same!

  13. They are so enjoying themselves! That joy is contagious. I especially love your sidebar of "things that have bitten Tom" - let's hope it doesn't get much longer!

  14. Amy, we played a similar version of that game a few weeks ago, with older kids. It's hot here too. And I am happy for your son. Happy Birthday!

  15. Beautiful!! We had something similar at my sons Amazing Race surprise party last year. For teenagers!!!
    Water play is good for all ages. :)

  16. So cool how kids are really the same no matter where they live!

    Hugs & love,

  17. Happy 19th birthday TJ!!!!

    And those sweet babe playing in the water-- I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear when I saw the pics :-)

    Happy SIMC, jj

  18. Those children are gorgeous. I love water play. On warm days when I'm spent, I can just fill a tub with water in the backyard and watch my daughter have a blast.

    Happy Bday to TJ! Can you believe your child is that old?!

  19. This looks like such fun.

    I am stopping by from the SITS Cocktail Party!

  20. Looks like a good time was had by all :) Making my ((late)) rounds from SIMC...


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