Friday, December 31, 2010

More Christmas Hijinks

 This is the last of the Christmas memories. I promise. Then it's onwards and upwards as we face a New Year.

On Christmas Day we had a lovely lunch and invited friends over for a simple meal. I try to avoid as much work as possible on Christmas so I can relax and enjoy the day. Of course, simple food meant I was in the kitchen for 2 hours. Maybe I need to join an anonymous group of some sort...

 Don't be deceived. That looks simple but it was delicious and worth the work. Remember, everything has to be done from scratch here. Yes, that is homemade bread there.

How many of you are familiar with Jan Karon's Mitford books? This is Esther's Orange Marmalade cake. I bless the day Jan decided to share this recipe with the world and doubly bless the day my mom sent me the little gift book it was written in. I've made this cake for the past four Christmases and it is AMAZING!

We made seven different cookies this year (not all shown) and loved all of them! We were introduced to whiskey cookies by our volunteer, Summer, this year and they were fantastic. We did have to do some major substitutions because we didn't have all the ingredients but they will definitely be added to our cookie line-up each year.

A fun 'Christmas' activity this year was playing four-square. Here are the kids wearing the appropriate head gear.

Playing again after lunch. Tom got really competitive. We had to outlaw spikes and holding. And, yes, we have a four-square court drawn on our dining room floor. Doesn't everyone?

 And, finally, the requisite self portrait. The table behind me doesn't usually look like that. It's Christmas mess...I assure you...Let me distract you somehow.....Oh yes! Aren't you jealous that I got to wear a cute sleeveless shirt on Christmas Day?

Have a great New Year, everyone!

I'm playing along with a Friday Blog Hop for the first time. Welcome to any new visitors!
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  1. Hi Amy, it looks like you had such a wonderful Christmas full of fun and exciting things! That cake looks absolutely marvelous!!! Yum!

    I am stopping by from the social parade and following your blog! Hope you will come and visit us too at Just Married with Coupons

    Happy New Years Eve!

    I would also like to invite you to a fun blog hop we have on Wednesdays called Where in the World Are You? I love to see people from all over the world and each week we have a theme, last weeks was New Year Celebrations where you live! Hope you will come join us then! =)

  2. Esther's Orange Marmalade cake! Made it years ago; should make it again.

    Have you read Jan Karon's newest book? In the Company of Others, I think it's called, and I think it may be my favourite.

    God bless you and yours with a happy, blessed, and healthy new year!

  3. Hi there. I am your newest follower from the blog hop! Lovely blog:) You can find me at
    I have some gorgeous handmade giveaways going on so take a peek when you stop by:) Happy New Year to you!!!

  4. Lori, no, I haven't read her latest book yet. I'm eager to though. I'll probably try to check it out of the library while I'm visiting the U.S this coming month.

  5. I love the pic of you, I can see the joy in your eyes!

    I hope you have an amazing 2011,

  6. I know I was supposed to be concentrating on the wonderful food and group of loved ones but I couldn't get past what you are wearing.

    A tank top. On Christmas day. No sweater. No sweatshirt to slide over it when you got cold. No gloves, hats, mittens, long johns (oh, yes. Long johns are standard issue around here), pantyhose (they help with heat retention, as if you'd know).

    Christmas day in Utah 2010. MAYBE we hit 20 degrees F. That's right. If you are picturing me in my super dooper goose lined ski parka, scarf, mittens, long pants and boots with only my eyes visible on my face, you aren't seeing the whole picture. I have on a sweater, t-shirt, long underwear, and multiple socks.

    Coming to Zambia. Watch for me.

  7. As I sit here freezing my tushie off, I can say that I am completely jealous of your cute sleeveless shirt!! Shiver.

    Sounds like a great Christmas day!


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