Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cinderella's Report and a Winner

First, let's get business out of the way: For my birthday contest I had 18 entries. Random.org's number generator gave me #3 as the winning number. 

That means that Robin is the winner! Hooray! Robin, please send me your mailing address. Thanks!

Now, on to the story of the ball. 

Really, compared to last year the story is pretty tame. The event started on time. It was in the same room as last year (so, pictures were pretty much out of the question due to bad lighting) and there was no real drama.

We were a bit nervous about whether things were going to go ahead as planned (tickets were bought in advance) because the day before the Ball was supposed to take place, Tom received a call from the Police trying to reserve the room at the Lodge. Apparently they had jotted Tom's number down next to the Lodge's name on their papers and mistakenly called him. But this meant that the booking was being done the day before the event! We were sure there was going to be a problem but things must have worked out.

This year we managed to get food (last year the food ran out before we could get to the buffet line) and it was filling. Filling is really all I can say about it although Tom had the best comment: "This food would make the judges on Top Chef cry!" --and not in a good way....LOL

We had a really nice time though. Tom knows many more of the policemen now. He was fairly new to the reserve force last year so this year he did a lot more mingling and chatting. The guest of honor who was the former Provincial Commander for Luapula even called us up to dance with the members of the High Table.

Finally, at 12:30 AM the time came for us to perform our prepared dance. We weren't sure if we'd be able to do the dance at all as we'd forgotten to copy the MP3 file onto a CD and though we had it on my tiny computer and on a flash drive, the DJ had an old system and could only use CDs. Thankfully, he just happened to have that song on CD. 
We chose to dance to No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. The second glitch came when the the DJ neglected to listen to our instructions and rather than starting the song at the beginning when we got to the stage he did that fade out/fade in thing so by the time the volume came up on our song it was several measures in already. This kinda messed with our choreography but we managed to pull it together anyway.

Everyone loved the song and cheered for it. I wish I could show you video of it but we had set our video camera up on a tripod--not trusting any guests to hold the camera as they can be pretty enthusiastic in using the zoom button no matter how many times you ask them to just point and let it run. :) Anyway, we had the camera all set up and then just after our dance started, a guest came up to the floor next to the stage wanting to film it on his camera. He even showed it to us when we got back to our table. He was so excited that he had managed to capture it. When I saw his footage my heart sunk. I just knew which angle he had shot from. Sure enough when we played back the footage on our camera this man had stood directly in front of our camera for 75% of the dance. Grrr!

Here is the only good photo we managed to take that evening. Despite the small hiccups we had a really good time. I loved having the chance to get dressed up on my birthday and have fun.

Two days later we had friends over to our house and Jasmine and Summer baked me a chocolate cake infused with an orange simple syrup and iced with orange buttercream frosting. So good! Then we watched The Sting. It was just as good as I remembered and knowing the twists and turns did not spoil my enjoyment at all. The whole evening was perfect. Thank you for all the birthday wishes! You make my life so much fun!

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  1. Sounds like a great time... and ya'll look great!

  2. That's an awesome picture. Sorry about the video. I would have loved to see you in action :-)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Too bad about the video.

  4. stopping by from SITS - you have a great blog! im your newest follower - come follow me back and lets keep in touch! :)


    congrats on a successful drawing!
    Im excited to see all the places you have traveled!!!


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