Thursday, September 9, 2010

We're Always Trying To Be Different

With Labor Day all done for those in the U.S and summer has bid adieu with most children back in school we decided that we would do something different from all the others I've been reading about in cyber space.

We are getting ready for the new season. We're setting aside our sweaters and jackets, tossing off the blankets, and making sure fans are installed and working in every room. 

Yes, folks, we are entering our HOT season. And that is capitalized for a reason. It is hot, hot, hot. There is no real summer here. Our seasons are: hot and dry, wet and warm, and cold and dry. 

To celebrate the hot season or rather to help us survive it, we bought a.......swimming pool!

We had planned to dig one below ground but have now decided to go with an above ground pool with a deck so that it is a bit safer and also cheaper.

When we took Chola to Lusaka for his operation we visited the only department store in Zambia and asked if they had a 4 meter (@4 yards) pool. They were all out but after checking in the back they found a couple incomplete pools that they were able to piece together to make one. We were so psyched. And! they gave us a $100 discount since it wasn't in its original packaging. God is good!

 Am I the only one that thinks that men with work gloves on are hot?

We first cemented a round platform so we would have a level surface on which to install the pool. That was a challenge in and of itself but it was eventually completed and we now don't have to worry as much about termites attacking the pool.

At times it took all hands on deck to hold the frame, smooth the rubber and keep it all even and tight.
Zeger, our volunteer from Belgium was a big help.--He jumped right in to smooth out all the wrinkles as the pool filled.

Oh, so refreshing! Wish I could jump in right now! It will take us several days to fill the pool. It has a capacity of 14,000 L. (3500 gallons)

The store was also sold out of 4 meter pool covers so my enterprising hubby decided to have a local tailor sew about 15 chitenges (local cloth) together to make a cover. We keep it on with a giant rubber band.

The pool will be open this Saturday for a pool party. We'll be celebrating Jasmine's birthday. Join us?


  1. Oh how FUN! The hubs and I got a kid pool to lounge around in this year because we just can't stand to be without! I'm sure you will all enjoy the heck out of it!

  2. Awesome! We'll be there! ;)

  3. So glad you have that!

  4. A pool party sounds awesome. I love reading about your life in Africa.

    I really want to know where you found the giant rubber band!

    Hugs & love,

  5. That's MY question, too.... where in the world did you find a giant rubberband???

  6. That is soooo cool!!! Since I have been there recently, I would like to know how you are going to keep the villagers from gathering at the fence and gawking at your pool adventures!!! LOL!!!

  7. Testing my google acct so that I don't have to be anonymous... Debbie

  8. That is so awesome!! Where is that? Is the pool next to the playground?


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