Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sundays in My City--Ntumbacushi Falls

Unknown Mami

I'm not sharing all these photos with you to make you jealous. Truly I'm not. But, are you? Just a little?

I happen to live in a wonderfully beautiful place. I have a 'paradise' lagoon 45 minutes in one direction and a waterfall that inspires and lifts your spirits 45 minutes in the other direction. Sometimes we'll be driving around running one errand or another and I look over the typical African landscape and gasp with joy--I live in Africa. Imagine that! I am so, so blessed!

We have friends visiting us this week so we've been sharing all the gorgeous sites with them. Yesterday it was the lagoon, today Ntumbacushi Falls and tomorrow two more awesome waterfalls. 

 After a picnic of tuna sandwiches and soft drinks, we headed up the hill--hiking to our favorite swimming spot.

The beginning of the hike is quite steep. But oh, is the workout worth it!

The pre-jump conference.

Go, Timmy!

Yeah, Jasmine!

Good one, Troy!

After swimming and a failed attempt at water polo (I couldn't deal with the current and tossing a ball around too) we had a rest time of sunbathing.

This was my view. You'll have to supply the sound effects: babbling brook, water rushing over rocks and then tumbling down over the edge and crashing to the bottom. 

This was also my view. Lovely blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

Also this--my little Hollywood starlet.

Then it was time to head home. 

Such a nice Sunday!

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  1. Yep, I have Africa envy :-) It looks like you all had such a great time in a gorgeous place! Hope your weekend is grand too!
    Happy SIMC, jj

  2. ok, i am jealous. are you happy now?

  3. I didn't see Amy jumping. Where's Amy?

    Let's start a new game like Where's Waldo and call it Where's Amy?

  4. How could I not be a little bit jealous? It's beautiful there and I'm so glad you get to enjoy it and share it with others.

  5. I love that last picture... so much green!!
    ...and Timmy! --he's not a skinny runt anymore. Watch out world!! Ha!

    and where's Amy??? Oh yes, she's looking at the sky!

  6. Yes definitely Jealous! What a perfect way to spend the day!!

  7. Sooo envious! love love love your photos!

  8. Great pics! Now that's not something you see every day..

  9. Yes, I am a teensy bit jealous! :) It's beautiful!!

  10. Thanks for commenting on my post. I'm glad I found your blog! Have a great day.


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